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Original resume and training and 2 updates for $245,000:

Our client originally came to us for a resume and training to explore the market prior for a new career when considering taking a severance package from a major computer company. He was then earning $140,000 per year.

Our client was prepared to "start over".  He accepted he would drop $80,000 per year because he thought the marketplace could not match his current earnings. He was hired by a major computer company at $180,000 per year Ė $100,000 above his expectations, $40,000 above his last salary.

The only discussions, during the interview with the president was their mutual interest in soccer - which was well detailed in the CV (biography)!

Four months later another company, who had originally made him an offer, approached him with a $200,000 package which he accepted. The client did his full CV-biography, his summary 7-page Resume, half of Job Search Training.

He then had to hurry to complete Interview Simulation (SPAR-Bís) to prepare for interviews, and Salary Negotiation. We actively provided follow-up coaching and played a key part in evaluating the competing salary and incentive packages.

Our client said that he appreciated our insistence that he memorize completely the answers to questions in interviews (SPAR-Bís) - which allowed him to snap back with concrete answers.

He also said that it was amazing how few things his former colleagues at one of the new companies did not know about him - though he had worked with them for 20 years.


We did the original work, plus an update 4 months later, and two years later another update to secure a $260,000 base position with yet another company. At the most recent company, the 62-page CV-biography  was duplicated (single sided) by the company and passed to the 4 executives who interviewed him. Three mentioned an item on page 57: his original job when he first came to Canada as a worker in a meat processing plant - commenting on his meteoric rise!

Our client later told us, when he recounted his decision to spend time and money on himself, "Treat yourself yourself expensively when you are preparing - your position and salary are the major motors to your own success and wealth." His recent update and training were in the $1,200 range - with a total over the years of $7,200.  A small investment on $260,000 per year!



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