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4 Minutes provides you with experienced marketing and sales executives, who have hired, managed and terminated staff in their own careers. They are experts in identifying and marketing what employers need from you to make hiring (buying) decisions. You move faster.



Geoffrey Lalonde is the author of the best seller "4 Minutes to the Job You Want." 

offers personalized on-line consultations on resumes and training to get the job you want. Services are offered through our Shop Online page.


The Start


I want to get my best job


4MinutesToTheJob began in 1977 as a crusade to encourage university graduates to go after their fantasy jobs. Graduates had spent thousands of dollars on their education financed by themselves, their parents and taxpayers – surely they deserved a great job?  They had learned the latest in their chosen field but not how to get the jobs that went with it.

Everyone Wanted a Chance at Success - not just university grads.

4Minutes associates soon discovered that people of all educations and backgrounds wanted to have a chance at success. So plumbers sat with company presidents in our seminars. Housewives sat with scientists, medical school applicants, military personnel... and learned from each other how to go after those elusive careers. Our clientele: 50:50 men:women.


The Book

Within two and a half years of start-up McGraw Hill approached the owners with a book offer. It became a bestseller in two languages.

Feedback from the book showed that 4Minutes clients wanted extensive support to complement their training. So we developed the 9 in-depths kits that are continuously updated with fresh information.

Switching to Personalized Service

Because of the discoveries from follow-up research done for the book, the business changed from exclusively classroom teaching to one-on-one consulting where clients use kits to prepare all facets of information and join consultants in company offices.





Fast-Talking Candidates - to the Back

4MinutesToTheJob also realize that it is not the glib, fast-talking candidates who succeeded in landing jobs – but the ones who do their homework. So the quiet, shy candidate had as much chance as the three percent of the world who can speak easily. The company’s mission focuses on supporting the individuals who dedicate themselves to doing the work – failure is not an option!


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