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The Company (continued)

The Performance Guarantee (continued)


So 4MinutesToTheJob offers a guarantee that, after documents are prepared and training completed, we work with the client free-of-charge on a daily basis until the first job is nailed down. Everyone is ‘on the hook’ to succeed.


Changing People’s Lives


The company operated four franchises and branches for a number of years across the country. However, founder Geoffrey Lalonde realized that he wanted to spend his time working directly with clients and developing the systems that each client would use. He went back to his best love, personal consultations and the development of strategies that his clients could apply successfully and to further develop the do-it-yourself kits that could be used around the world. Geoffrey was particularly driven by the opportunity to change people’s lives - to set in motion the positive things that happen when an individual is happy at his/her job/mission/career and well-paid.


Geoffrey feels that has a major contribution to the world.



Word Processing Services 4MinutesToTheJob provides professional word-processing and formatting of your resume. Simply send us your draft do-it-yourself material by e-mail and we will ensure powerful formatting and put the finishing touches on it. Services are offered at $59.50 per hour, minimum 2 hours pre-paid through our Shop Online page.

THE COMPANY continued