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Use Graphics to Control Your Message

  1. To control your resume you need to be told what your most important information is. And you need to place that information so that it carries major impact.

  2. The first things that people read tend to stick in their minds as most important. Place your most important information where they start to read

  3. Wherever you place information on the resume page - like an advertisement - it makes a statement about what is important to you. Can you afford to send the wrong message?

  4. The best way to know where to place your items - is to know how people read information. more

  5. There are blind spots on the page where you can hide information that is required but that you do not wish to draw attention to. Most resumes accidentally place important information in the blind spots. more

  6. 99% of resume formats emphasize non-essential information that you don't want to discuss at an interview. And people are surprised that they don't get the job.. 

  7. By strategically placing information on the resume page, you can control impact of your message.

You wouldn't run in the Olympics without a coach would you?  Put 4Minutes on your team as your coach.  Each one of the things that you are missing will substantially decrease your chance at the job, or the best salary, or the happiest placement - or worse still no offer.  Get yourself a coach.

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Driving a reader's eye in the wrong direction is as effective as driving your car backwards at high speed down a slippery highway.  Where do you go next?

"Good layout is not pretty. It is effective.  It  controls your message the way you want to launch it."
         Geoffrey Lalonde


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