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You work 2,000 hours per year, 20,000 hours in 10 years!  Spend a few hours to prepare to win the job or contract you love!

'4 Minutes to the Job You Want' is our best-selling book.

An employer will decide yes or no, whether to hire you, in the first
4 minutes from the instant that s/he sees you
coming through
the door!  Experienced senior managers will decide in 15 seconds
You did not know this did you? Check it out, here !

Geoff Lalonde
Nationally  consulted expert

Geoffrey Lalonde, author of bestseller "4 Minutes to the Job You Want" first published in 1980 by McGraw-Hill Ryerson


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Why 4 minutes?


__ How does it affect Salary?

__ How does Dress affect it?

__ How do Answers affect it?

__ How does an Interview Presentation affect it?

__ How does Job Search affect it?



For 38 years

Changing lives and Happiness with New Careers and Promotions

Served 12,000 people         97% success rate

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How are we different

We are personal marketers
This site has 272 pages
 and answers to move you successfully
to happiness and
wealth in your career.



Resume writing in Toronto

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personal service by the Authors of the
4 Minutes to the Job You Want published by McGraw Hill-Ryerson

Powerful Results

Winning Career Resumes

Backed-up by Powerful Support:

Effective Cover Letters

Coaching in
 Dynamic Job Search Skills

 Convincing Interview Techniques

 Formal Interview Presentations

 Profitable Salary Negotiation Tips


 Answering Questions at Interviews
Management & Executive CV’s
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Corporate Outplacement Services

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Service Guarantee:  Free scheduled follow-up during search
 for all clients who graduate from our Job Search Training

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How to Market yourself

Using 4 Minutes materials for CV and resume writing in Toronto, you will receive professional and personal
data that employers feel comfortable with.
You are looking for a $50,000 per year position. 
It is a 5-year personal services contract: multiply
your annual salary by 5. You are looking for a
$250,000 contract. What do you need to prepare?




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