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2000 Hours Per Year of Happiness for You.

Geoffrey has a simple philosophy: The job search program secures a position for you that you will like much better. It means 2,000 working hours per year in a job that brings you more happiness and satisfaction. This will have a huge positive impact on your life, your family, your friends and your colleagues. Above all, it makes room for one more person coming up the line into the job you just left. "If you are unhappy with your job, move on. You are doing yourself and someone else a favor!"

A Little Work Results in Miracles

Geoffrey is very focused. "Be practical, expect miracles." is at the core of 4MinutesToTheJob. The practical side is to do the preparation work. The miracle is the excitement and the rewards that clients have achieved when they put it all into action.

Fun and Exciting

It is fun to do. The preparation will change your life. Then you will surprise yourself and find a new respect for yourself. We will show you how to launch it all with special job search skills  uniquely suited to the job you desire.


"Without the resume and the interview training, I might not have secured this position. The thoroughness of the resume set a base for directing all his questions into areas I was familiar with. In addition you prepped me with the likely questions and how to see each one as an opportunity to sell". Paul G.

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