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The Job Search Kit and Training

Learn the Job Search technique through a series of instructions, role-plays and supporting examples borrowed from the very best of 4MinutesToTheJob success in the past 32 years.

Topics include

  1. How do I find out who is responsible for hiring?

  2. What do I say on the phone to get a meeting or interview?

  3. How can I meet the employer decision-maker and what do I say?

  4. How do I answer different kinds of ads?

  5. Why should I never send a resume unless I call first?

  6. What do I do when someone says, "There’s an opening at our company?"

  1. When do managers use personnel departments for help?

  2. How does personnel department screening work?

  3. How should I respond to personnel agency and headhunter ads?

  4. How can I do effective follow-up and callbacks?

  5. If 19 of 20 jobs are hidden, how do I  find the network?

  6. There are 877 more your success.

Eighty percent of 4MinutesToTheJob clients are employed and considering a career advancement or change. Twenty percent are unemployed. The Job Search technique is successful in both situations.






Job Search







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If you are one of 3 candidates equally qualified for the position, what are the secret ingredients in your cv-biography or your resume that could get you the job?

Many employers decide "Yes" or "No" within 15 seconds. And don't change their minds afterwards.

The slowest person will take 4 minutes to decide "Yes" or "No."

DYK*: Do you know that there is an interview uniform?

Thank Them to Death Case Study

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Job Search Kit