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The Interview Uniform

What should I wear to the Interview?

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  1. We know that 85% of the information that a human being receives through the 5 senses, at any one moment, is visual

  2. We know that an employer decides whether to hire you or not in a maximum of 4 minutes (sometimes only 30 seconds).  That's not much time for a logical decision - it's instinctive.

  3. Therefore 85% of a an instinctive 4 minute decision about your future will be visual - what they see of you. Not what they hear.

Learn now that you wear when you go into that all important first meeting. It's all in the Job Search Kit.







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If you are one of 3 candidates equally qualified for the position, what are the secret ingredients in your cv-biography or your resume that could get you the job?



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