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You can start now - contact us to explain your particular medical school application need!  We will identify which of the 10 powerful kits will help you.




In-person medical school consultations are available through our offices in downtown
and by phone and email.

To assist you to get started immediately  - all 4 Minutes kits are available to download to your computer, now.  Read them - minutes from now - directly from your screen.  You can be ready to hand in your documents or have your Answers to Interview Questions ready tomorrow morning for the next step in your search.

You can be working on your material within the next few minutes.

In many cases, aspects of your quest need to be executed now!  So we have made available your weapons and tools, now!

When you choose a product and indicate your preferred payment mode and send it, your document (s) will be instantly sent to your computer.

Yes you will be ready to work now!

The 4 Minutes team has helped 32 clients secure offers from medical schools.

40% were graduating high school
     60% were graduating university

55% were female
were male

We also assist graduating MD's with to secure residencies in hospitals.

Call us to find out what is involved

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