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Geoffrey Lalonde, author of bestseller "4 Minutes to the Job You Want" first published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson

Why 4 minutes?


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Your successful Medical School or Dental School Application is based on a number of detailed items. We have worked with those items for the past 18 years:


  1. Most applicants to medical schools would make good doctors. However there are a limited amount of spaces. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

  2. Knowing what you have done that is saleable to a Medical School or Dental School - your detailed resume or CV.

  3. Concise and powerful answers to online application forms

  4. Clear and defining answers to the essay questions.

  5. Setting yourself apart from the crowd.





  1. Ensuring that your application gets in and gets read.

  2. Standing out at the interviews with concise and powerful answers that focus on your unique talents

  3. Have you ever left an interview feeling that you've 'blown it?' How to do follow-up on your application and add information that will help your case.

  4. Have you ever had an achievement and wondered how it could get you noticed?

  5. Have you been knocking on doors and getting "Thanks, but no thanks." for your efforts?



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