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Lalonde Partners Career Transition

Also known as has specialized in career transition - for the past 32 years.  4 Minutes provides outplacement alternatives for companies where the departing employee personally opts for our unique employer-focused services. The 4 Minutes process is highly motivational, requires considerable work by the client, and forges a life-time of skills into a weapon so powerful that the candidate looks forward going after new career opportunities. The result is speedier hiring

Why choose Lalonde Partners and 4 Minutes to complement your current outplacement offering?  Your benefits are identified in the attached fact sheet including how 4 Minutes works for you and your employee in transition.

The difference in approach is that Lalonde Partners provides experienced personal marketing and sales executives who hired, managed


and terminated staff in their own careers.  They bring employer-focused expertise to you in identifying and marketing what employers need to make hiring (buying) decisions. 4 Minutes provides scheduled in-depth debriefings and coaching, free-of-charge for each client until they secure their first job or contract. This service, offered since 1977, has been the secret of 4 Minutes success – our service guarantee that we stand by our resumes and job search training until it works for that client.  The result is speedier hiring.

Key Highlights

§      Authors, 4 Minutes to the Job by McGraw Hill-Ryerson, Toronto (a bestseller)

§      Authors, L’emploi idéal en quatre minutes by Les Éditions de l’homme, Mtl

§      All services documented in 8 instructional kits complete with illustrations and examples and online assistance:



1.     4Min CV-Resume Kit Part 1 + online data entry form

2.     4Min CV-Resume Kit Part 2 Transferable Skills

3.   4Min Job Search Kit  includes dressing for success

5.   4Min Salary Negotiation Kit

6.   4Min Interview Presentation Kit

7.   4Min Answering Questions at an Interview Kit

8.   4Min Success Tracker daytimer

and coming soon:
Reports and Writing Skills Kit
Online Memory Jogger Kit


Services are a combination of the candidate’s personal preparation work and one-on-one editing, training and coaching.

Document preparation is offered in-person or long-distance for detailed CV marketing document, short resume, interview presentation, and preparing answers to 14 interview questions.

4 Minutes goal is to help you make your staffs’ transition a positive and successful experience. 

The most powerful yet unwieldy weapon that the departing employee has are 15 to 25 transferable skills. How can s/he exhibit them and prove that there is a concrete, useable contribution to be made wth them.  4Minutes' work in marketing clients into ideal jobs over the past 32 years has specialized in selling transferable skills. Have a look at an example
The result of the Transferable skills is the creation of a highly motivated and successful candidates.
               Geoffrey Lalonde




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