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Lalonde Partners Career Transition

4 Minutes provides outplacement alternatives for companies where the departing employee personally opts for our unique services. The 4 Minutes process is highly motivational, requires considerable work by the client, and forges a life-time of skills into a weapon so powerful that the candidate looks forward going after new career opportunities.


Why 4 Minutes?

  1. 4 Minutes complements your existing outplacement service by providing you with an occasional alternative for your selective situations, when you need the choice.  We are not asking for all your business, just the occasional times where our unique services can assist.

  1. 4 Minutes are experienced personal marketing and sales executives, who have hired, managed and terminated staff in their own careers.  They are experts in identifying and marketing what employers need to make hiring (buying) decisions.

  2. 4 Minutes processes make the candidate work harder, get up and going faster!  Fast success reflects positively on your company efforts with fewer recriminations.

  3. With 4 Minutes, the candidate is hired more quickly, you save money, you preserve the goodwill of departing employees, and you maintain your responsible image in the community. 

  4. With 4 Minutes, you reduce the stress of the terminating manager, who now knows that his/her departing employee is well looked after.

  5. The 4 Minutes option improves employee morale and productivity by demonstrating


high quality termination services.

  1. 4 Minutes makes the candidate’s transferable skills part of the resume marketing document – not simply an analytical tool.  From the outset, the candidate presents him-herself, on paper, as having the skills to do the job.

  2. At 4 Minutes, you do not pay for real estate.  For 32 years, 4 Minutes clients have been encouraged to do their work in their own workspaces and come into our offices to do the editing work, training, and coaching. Everything is focused on in-market implementation.  This has been a major component of speedy success – working with the candidate’s desire to be back on a team. 4 Minutes’ fees and methods are based on one-on-one coaching and not office space rental or group programs.

  3. 4 Minutesrecognizes that this is a time of considerable stress

The most powerful yet unwieldy weapon that the departing employee has are 15 to 25 transferable skills. How can s/he exhibit them and prove that there is a concrete, useable contribution to be made wth them.  4Minutes' work in marketing clients into ideal jobs over the past 32 years has specialized in selling transferable skills. Have a look at an example
The result of the Transferable skills is the creation of a highly motivated and successful candidates.

               Geoffrey Lalonde




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