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Selling Yourself using the Transferable Skills Kit - Your Secret Weapon!

This is the powerful secret weapon of the 4MinutesToTheJob system – a two hundred-fifty page multiple-choice kit. Transferable skills are those skills that you may have learned in previous jobs that may be unrelated to the job your are seeking.   Employers want to know your skills. Employers don’t hire you for the places you worked.

Most of us are only able to identify 6 skills.  But we use 15 to 30 skills every day!  Where are they?

Geoffrey Lalonde

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"People are afraid to say special things about themselves because they are afraid of getting a "No." Instead, they suffer through years of badly fitting jobs for themselves, their family and their employers. It could all have been avoided with a little bit of honesty and courage and preparation!"

Geoffrey Lalonde


As a employer, I am  interested in proof of your skills. This requires some work with a calculator!



Transferable Skills Kit
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 "Putting the resume together with you showed me how to describe my job experiences, quantify my skills, talk about how I use those skills and how to market myself by presenting them on paper - which up until then I had not been able to do…. " Leslie Ann S


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