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Reports & Writing Skills Kit

The 21st Century Skill

One of the major overlooked skills is the ability to read, synthesize and report - long and short! For many years skills were measured as things that we could physically perform. Reading and writing were not considered to be "skills". At best they were labeled as soft skills.  Skills that were English or Sociology graduates. They were not considered important. The late 20th and the new 21st century have changed all that.

 Important for

bulletJust-graduated students
bulletComputer programmers
bulletWarehouse supervisors
bulletMcDonald's managers
bulletRetail clerks...

When you are applying for a position, it is frequently to a person who is older than you.  That person is frequently busy managing the operations of the organization and does not have the time to create presentations and reports. S/he needs a person to put research and write the drafts.  If you are a recent graduate.

Selling Reading, Reporting & Writing as WORK

We first identified this incredible skill when coaching a young lawyer who had 4 years experience as a prosecutor in a small city. She arrived in the capital and wanted to work for the Justice Department.  She completed her CV-Biography.  Great as it was, it seemed no different than any young aggressive lawyer. The problem was that there were thousands of lawyers trying to break into the highly competitive legal family of government during a recession.

I had a flash. Bureaucrats are constantly producing reports and analyses.

Where do you find the skills?

This lady had a BA in English Literature.  We set a series of instructions and formats and told her that we would set up each of her university papers as if it had been a research contract for which she had been paid.

Emphasizing SWEAT

If you look at your high school, college or university papers as a piece of work: organizing, reading, note taking, planning the document, writing it, reviewing it, and sometimes having to defend it - it's a piece of legitimate WORK.

Remember, the employer is paying you for sweat, activity, work.  When you sell the ACTIVITY of reports and writing, it becomes work experience.

It is well known that the employer does not care where you acquire a skill.  It can be learned at work, in volunteer activity, in personal interests, and in SCHOOL. What you need to do is write it up as a work.

Show them what's in your head

Employers go to great lengths to find out how you think. They interview you once, twice and more. They may have you do psychological tests. They do background checks. They call references. They may ask you to go through a half day of working through a case study and ask you to present and defend it. And finally, to hedge their bets, they force you to go on one, three or six month probations before hiring you permanently.  All of this is the attempt to find the fit.

Show How You Can Contribute

The employer has to live with you 40 hours per week and wants to know who you are. More important, s/he is relying on you to improve his or her organization, his or her performance. The employer's own future, promotions, financial security, family future...depends on you. Show how you think and you will find the fortune and the position you deserve.

Present Yourself from a Position of Strength

When you show how you work in this skill, you reveal compatibilities with the employer. Very few applicants have the opportunity to do this in conventional hiring procedures.  Now you will be able to do it.

Make Yourself Happy

When you use the 4Minutes System, you will find enough employers who want to have you. What you owe yourself is to accept a job where you are fully known and appreciated. Remember you will work 2,000 hours per year. It is a rare treat to be totally recognized and understood for who you are.  Your ability to report and write will walk you into the career you want for the compensation you desire.  







Skills Kit






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