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Resume Kit Part One
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It takes 14 seconds for an employer to read 1/3 of your first page. Then s/he decides yes/no whether to continue. That's how much time you get to catch the employer's attention
    Geoffrey Lalonde

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How employers feel

Resume Kit continued

14 seconds reading time

The employer will read your resume for 14 seconds and at that point will decide to continue reading or throw it away.  If she or he goes past the 14th second, and the material continues to be interesting, the employer will read a 100-page biography.  If s/he decides "No" at the 14th second, the employer will not bother even to read to the end of the first page!  It is not about length. It is about quality and readability, and value to the employer.  We will show you how to achieve success.

Most People Have the Wrong Resume

95% of available jobs are hidden not advertised anywhere. Typical resumes are designed to reply to web or newspaper ads and public postings only 5% of available jobs. 95% of jobs are hidden so 95% of job junters hunters have the wrong resume! No wonder they are unsuccessful! No wonder they are not rich and happy! We write the best resume!!!!! Here is a free sample.





Resume Kit
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14 second timer


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If you get your reader to go beyond the 14th second, s/he will stay with you for many pages! 

The key in resume presentation is the look and the feel of the first page. Encourage the reader to go further than 14 seconds.  This is done with color, feel of the paper, graphic layout, pictures.  The 4Minutes CV resume has a unique format that has been copied and adapted by thousands of professionals in the past 30 years. It is designed to be an easy-to-read list thus avoiding dragging readers into writing style. It uses two to three colors. Each colour has a 40% additional 'pick up' chance . It uses photos to announce who your are. It uses high quality materials to communicate your sense of value - when the target person holds the CV-Resume.

Resume Kit Part One
Choose your version