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We provide you with a multi-page form (hard copy or online interactive) that gives the exact placement and spacing for writing or typing what you did in your life. Completing the form is the first step to your future riches. Start on any page you wish and fill it up - in any order you wish! Take it to the beach, to bed, anywhere. Our recommendation is that you will enjoy it most by starting with the parts of your life that you love best. We want simple language not Edwardian English. You are on the way to the great experience and excitement of your life that will give you the job and the salary you richly deserve. Start by having fun on the way!

Word Processing

You will use the form as a guideline to type up the resume for maximum impact. The form makes it easy for you to give to a word processor operator or a typist, with few mistakes. Our central office does inputs and formatting service.


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Military Resumes from Afghanistan long distance


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