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If you fail to negotiate $10 extra per day, that's $24,000 in 10 years - without counting  interest.  Include the interest and it is almost $100,000!  It will pay one of your children's university education, or buy a great car, perhaps even a second home. All this for a few minutes of preparation.

Geoff Lalonde

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Salary Negotiation  
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The technique is based on learning 28 words and correctly using them in an effective manner. This easy do-it-yourself kit uses powerful role-play examples to show you how to negotiate compensation.

The kit has been designed for the users maximum enjoyment and benefit, covering such topics as:

  1. The terror of negotiating money
  2. When to negotiate
  3. How to handle commission positions
  4. How to respond to a bonus plan
  5. Should they offer you shares in lieu of salary?
  6. What to do if they offer to make you a partner "two years down the line."
  7. How to determine how much to ask for in a new salary or in a salary increase.
  8. Most people underestimate their salary needs by 20%.

Heres a taste of what you will find in the Salary Negotiation Kit:

If an employer says to you, "Mr/Ms _____,
wed love to have you join us. And our offer is $____($10,000 less than you want). Is that OK?"

And you say, "No, its not O.K."

And the employer says, "Why not?"

What will you say: _______________________. Choose one and click on it:

__ "Im worth more."

__ "Other people doing this job make more money."

__ "Im making more at my job now!"


Salary Negotiation Kit

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Your biggest earner is your salary. People spend less time learning how to negotiate it than they do learning how to play cards, golf, or any other sport. Treat salary negotation like gold and you'll earn gold!

Geoffrey Lalonde 

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Salary Negotiation  
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