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Interviews are boring for employers - change it and get the job you want for the salary you desire.


Contrary to what we think, interviews bore employers: same questions same answers. Make a presentation and amuse them.

If you have not sat on many hiring panels, or interview committees, or have been fortunate to hire all of your staff yourself directly, this section may be useful to you.

The interview experience is highly subjective to each candidate. Candidates presume that the interviewer is interested in talking to candidates. We presume that we only need to get the interviewer’s attention to capture their focus and they will love to hear us... The answer is Nooooo!

Meet the interviewers

Let me introduce you to those people on the other side of the table (or desk), the interviewer(s). What's going on in THEIR lives? Their car broke down, they are facing a huge bank overdraft, they just had a fight with their boss, they have 10 people to report to immediately after their interview with you; the interviews have run one hour late; they are looking forward to a lunch with their over/mistress/mother/father, girl/boyfriend.  Make a list of all the


interruptions that would drag your attention away from that interview as an employer: you have a headache, earache, arthritis pain, sunburn, hangover, didn’t sleep well, and now you are in this interview meeting.

You have been in the interview room for 3 hours with three colleagues. You are supposed to be fair so the panel is asking the same questions. These are great candidates. They are careful, measured, responsive, professional, bright, well qualified.  They  give almost identical answers. They are all the same.

At the two hour point the 5th candidate comes in. You four interviewers introduce yourselves and invite the candidate to take a seat. George is getting ready to ask his first boring question.

All of a sudden, the candidate says,

Before we begin, may I have 3½ minutes to present some notes I’ve prepared.” 


Well, sure you can. We were going to have 20-40 minutes with that candidate. And now we’re going to be entertained!  Instead of dragging through the parry and thrust of interviews questions and answers (lies, obfuscations, half-truths), here’s someone who is going to put their money where their mouth is, and lay out something for us to take a kick at.  

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For thirty years 4Minutes have built  personalized Interview Presentations so that you could do just that. In the. The interviewers decide instinctively in the first 4 minutes of the interview yes or no whether to hire you. Everything beyond the 4th minute reinforces that decision. There is a 2% possibility that they will change their decision. Everything past the 4th minute simply reinforces the first decision. If they decide, “No.” in the first four minutes, they will see everything through the same filter: “No.”  When they decide, “Yes.” The decision will usually stay, “Yes.”

Therefore, as a strategy, we will prepare you to control the first four minutes to get a, “Yes.”  

So, you control the pre-visual data flow with your 4Minutes CV-Resume and reference letters. You will wear your powerful Interview Uniform to control the subliminal message of trustworthiness and authority. It takes 30 seconds to get in and shake hands and sit down.  Now you will control the next 3½ minutes and READ (even if you memorized it) 4 to 5 scripted powerful personal ‘closing’ messages. Then you’re going to relax for the next 17 minutes while they admire the person that they’re going to hire.  Welcome to the Interview Presentation.


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     Geoffrey Lalonde

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