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Your Interview 'Uniform'

What should I wear to an interview?

You need to control a maximum 1½ minutes of speaking. Easier still, remember that your biggest impact is visual: what your host sees of you. Research shows that your visual message is more important than your words. And that is why 4 Minutes first focuses so much attention on preparing and ensuring that your visual CV-resume is read (seen) before you arrive.

Next, when you arrive at the interview or Career Advice Meeting, use your clothing colors to present your host with a powerful positive visual image of yourself. This will take you another step toward your fantasy job and the compensation you richly deserve.

Focus on what you can do to control those all-important 4 minutes. Most of the host or interviewer’s decisions will be based on the visual impact that you create – what the host /interviewer sees of you. Following the illustration above, begin at the “4Minutes.” That is the time where hosts and employers decide “yes” or “no.”  click here for more


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It takes 7 seconds for a word to move across the screen above - double it - that's how much time you get to catch the employer's attention.  Geoffrey Lalonde

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How employers feel

Sample Resume

Of your five senses, your sense of touch, your firm handshake,


will be worth approximately 3%. What your host hears from you will be worth only 5%! Similar to many of our clients, you may be thinking, “That is impossible, Geoffrey. I receive most of my information through my ears – my hearing.” Wrong. Most of the information that your brain receives is processed visually.
Whether you are an executive, president, CEO, manager, professional. military or someone in the middle of the organization, the interview uniform will carry the day for you.


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