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Testimonial about Salary Negotiation

Dear Geoffrey

This is to let you know the final outcome of my salary negotiation. As you know I was working for a number of years as a district franchise manager for a 12-store consumer lighting chain. The company went under – and at the age of 33, I was unemployed, for the first time in my life

Two serious offers come up at the same time, thanks to your CV, Resume and Training. I was forced by

circumstances to take one of them, because the other company was dragging its heels.

One month after starting, that second company contacted me and said that I had been chosen as their preferred candidate – it was a regional manager of a very successful 7-store grocery co-op. The president asked me to come in. He pushed a signed contract across the table: $42,000.

I went through your technique and let him know that my price was $60,000. I also used your technique to get the hell out of there and give him a chance to think about it.

The next day, at our follow-up meeting, he slid the same contract across the table. I was terrified to look at it. The figure was $60,000 - exactly what I asked for. No arguments. The president said, "Casey, I decided that if we really wanted you – and we do – I didn’t want you driving around town missing that extra money. I wanted you to focus on our organization’s problems, not yours."

Thank you Geoffrey for giving me the right words. I was scared, very scared, but I had confidence – after all every thing else had worked! What you taught made sense. So I tried it again – and wow! As you said, it was the fastest $18,000 I ever made in my life.

Thank you

Casey G.

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"As you said, it was the fastest $18,000 I ever made in my life.

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