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Using the Interview Presentation and the CV Biography (Resume) to compete for positions as a senior high school teacher.


Dear Geoffrey


I finally started my new responsibilities this school year and I thought a quick note to you at 4Minutes was in order.

In the highly competitive teaching profession, I found that the cv-biography that your company prepared last spring gave me a true edge over the other equally (and in some cases more) qualified applicants. I felt totally prepared for my interviews. The cv-biography was very thorough and I thought the method of organization and presentation unique.

I was involved in six different interviews before I was offered my present position. In each case I received very positive comments about the cv and how prepared I was for the interview process with the briefing document (Interview Presentation). In fact one school principal said that it was a delight to meet the whole person and not simply a selection of run of the mill highlights.

Thanks for all your knowledge, expertise and advice.


Barb W

Head Teacher Librarian
A Heights Secondary School


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