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Hired Sight Unseen - Resume Only - Surviving a Downsizing

Dear Geoffrey

Just wanted to write and let you know how successful your services have been for me personally in my job search and career development.

As you will recall I had "surplus" job status with my corporation and my clock towards termination was ticking. I had accepted a temporary job rotation, which transferred me to my corporation's headquarters, hoping to access job opportunities. When the permanent position (which was not directly related to my previous position) was posted, I took the opportunity to apply. You will remember that we made the application deadline by minutes!

Two days after handing in that resume, I was offered the position with no interview! They said they based their decision solely on the resume. They also indicated that from the resume that they were able to determine that I was the best candidate and more than qualified for the position. As a result, they did not feel an interview was necessary. The other candidates were informed that the position had been filled.

This is proof positive of the asset of your services and resume.

Putting the resume together with you showed me how to describe my job experiences, quantify my skills, talk about how I use those skills and how to market myself by presenting them on paper - which up until then I had not been able to do. This kind of task is hard for me to do alone - but having someone who gives concrete direction, as you did, makes it all possible. The phrase "how many did you do?" over and over again made me focus on what I had done in the past years. The exercise forced me to review my background and revealed where I had indeed gained experience without knowing it. The experience raised my confidence in my abilities and proved to me that I have accomplished a tremendous amount during my career. This gave me a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

It has also given me a better understanding of how to develop my career and what challenges I would like to take on in the future. I plan to continue to update my resume, so I can make the next last minute deadline to success.

Leslie Ann S. 


"The other candidates were informed that the position had been filled." Leslie S.
Two days after handing that resume, I was offered the position - with no interview!

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