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  1. Law School Application with Low Marks 
       he got into law school

  2. Mature Student with Low Marks
       mature meant late 50's into graduate school

  3. Using Transferable Skills in your CV
    Years of experienced were successfully marketed

  4. Hired Sight Unseen

  5. Interview Presentation
       she took over among equally qualified candidates

  6. Control Your Interview with a Presentation
       levered her CV and a presentation to win the day

  7. Going after the Fantasy Job after near-death

  8. Resigning to take the 2nd Offer - One Month Later 
        when better money comes knocking, jump if you need   

  9. Long Distance Search
        create your own network using your CV contact points

  10. Afraid to ask for more - but did and scored!

  11. Earning $18,000 in 10 minutes - Scary!

  12. Going After the Fantasy Job - for More!

  13. Formal Education Not Needed for the Top

  14. Engineer to President in one Stroke

  1. Getting into Medical School

  2. Dress Counts even when you don't think so

  3. Confidence Even for a President

  4. Memorizing Answers to Interview Questions

  5. SPAR-B's in Interview Questions

  6. SPAR-B's "one of the greatest tools in Interviews."

  7. Laid Off

  8. Hired without an Interview - Resume Only!

  9. Networking

  10. To the top with the Long CV-Biography

  11. Artist with limited English proficiency

  12. If you don't have a strong command of English let your CV-Biography speak for you

  13. Cross-country search - and getting to write your own ticket

  14. Career change from policeman to insurance rep

  15. Change Strategy to win against all odds

  16. Long Resume