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Geoffrey Lalonde

38 Years of Training People to go after Their Fantasy Jobs

Geoffrey Lalonde’s own career is the best advertisement for successful job-hunting techniques. He has 33 years as an authority in training people to go after the jobs they really want.

Geoffrey has trained edited CV's and one-on-one trained thousands of individuals from every sector of society from all over the world. Lalonde’s company has presented hundreds of one-day and two-day seminars coast to coast.

He Lives His Own Ideal Job.

Geoffrey is a real believer in going after the job you want. He began testing out potential career areas at the age of 15 in his first year of university, one per summer. While enjoying most of them, he quickly eliminated the ones that he did not see as a lifetime career.

Geoffrey focused on and was into the career he wanted by the age of 22. After working in that career for four years, he decided to share the concept of going after the fantasy job and launched 4MinutesToTheJob to support others like him, who are determined go after their ideal or fantasy jobs.

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Says Geoffrey "4MinutesToTheJob has always been a laboratory. Existing clients helped new clients by lending their cv-biographies, their questions at interviews, their interview presentations.

Each newcomer has had incredible support. This has become a great body of knowledge where each document can be better than the last."


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