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SPAR-B   - Take Control with Answers



"Job Search is one of the most important projects or tasks we take on in our lives.  Yet most of us try to do it without advice. And we wonder why we fail." 
                         Geoffrey Lalonde

"Get yourself a coach and instructor. Each preparation minute can earn thousands of dollars more for you, your family, your future."  Geoffrey Lalonde

Answering Interview
Questions SPAR-B
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  1. SPAR-B is a tool to take control and answer questions in the interview. It is contained in the Answering Questions at an Interview Kit.

  2. Spar-B's

  3. allow you to hit home runs in the interview room.

  4. are weapons to set employers rocking in their chairs when you hit them with answers that they never would have expected from you!

  1. were developed by employers to give answers in the language that mattered to them.

  2. allow you, for the first time, to be fully prepared to answer questions in the interview.

  3. make you look forward to getting questions, so that you can show your stuff.

  4. are so thorough that you can memorize them before you go to the interview.

  5. You wouldn't run in the Olympics without a coach would you?  Put 4Minutes on your team as your coach.  Each one of the things that you are missing will substantially decrease your chance at the job, or the best salary, or the happiest placement - or worse still no offer.  Get yourself a coach.