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4 Minutes To The Job covers all facets of the job search, including: Informal approaches, dress, salary negotiation, interviews, answering and closing questions, presentations at interviews and resumes and CVs containing proven transferrable skills.

4 Minutes To The Job You Want has 8 do-it-yourself kits, 

immediately downloadable for use after contacting us. They include:

  1. CV and Resume: Effective Resume Kit

  2. Transferrable Skills

  3. Reports & Writing Skills

  4. Job Search Weapons

  5. Interview Presentation

  6. Answering Questions at an Interview: Interview Simulation

  7. Success Tracking

  8. Salary Negotiation 

Follow-up coaching is included for clients who have purchased the full package. 

The kits have all been designed for the users maximum enjoyment and benefit. The format of the kits is a series of simple to follow multiple choice questions, instructions, role playing scenarios, and supporting examples of real life tools, all taken from hundreds of 4 Minutes To The Job successes.  

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