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  Did you know that
  1. There is an interview uniform more

  2. There is a way to tell everything about yourself and have it read? more

  3. There a SPAR-B to answer interview questions? more

  4. There is a way to get to your fantasy job? more


  1. There is a design layout secret to hiding the disadvantages and accenting the advantages on the same page of your resume? more

  2. There is a better way to answer a hypothetical question at an interview more

  3. Do you know how many hours you will work in your life - to age 65? how many?


  1. Do you know how much you will earn to age 65? how much?

  2. You can search long distance successfully and get hired sight unseen?

  3. That 69% of candidates hired are the last to be interviewed more


Job Search is one of the most important projects or tasks we take on in our life.  Yet most of us try to do it with only a few minutes of advice. And we wonder why we fail. Get yourself a coach and instructor. Each preparation minute can earn you thousands of dollars more for you, your family, your future.

Geoffrey Lalonde


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