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More Check-off items (continued)

  1. Do you want to move up in your company, but donít know how? testimonial

  2. Have you been doing a job that isnít quite what you want, but the company doesnít have your kind of job?  see Job Search?

  3. Are your kids are grown up and you want to go back to work, but youíre afraid you donít have any qualifications to sell?  see Transferable Skills Kit

  4. Have you risen through the ranks with years of hard work and have just been "retired" because thereís no room for you?  see Transferable Skills Kit

  5. Are you bored with retirement, but no one will hire you because "youíre too old?"  see Job Search Kit

  6. Are you just out of school and donít know how to fit all that education in the career of your dreams? see FantasyJob in the Interview Presentation Kit

  7. Have you been sitting at a pay check job and now you want to be rescued into your fantasy career? see Fantasy Job 

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Geoffrey Lalonde

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