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Our goal is to get you hired sight unseen... then everything else will be easy! testimonial

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Hired Sight Unseen - our Benchmark

Many of our clients are hired sight unseen. This is our benchmark and proves how good our documents are. This is true in executive resume preparation and in other job positions. If your cv and resume are excellent, you can be hired without an interview. This is also makes your CV-resume a powerful long-distance search tool.

Using 4Minutes' resume and cv materials, you will prepare professional and personal information that employers feel comfortable with. They may hire you without meeting you.

We work to position you to be hired before you arrive for the interview. Your interview becomes simply and truly a "get to know" session where you explore the future. The closer you are to being hired sight unseen, the easier your interview will be; the better the offer will be and the better the conditions will be for the career you richly deserve. 4MinutesToTheJob presents The 2011 Updated Edition

Will your current resume get you hired sight unseen? No. Then it is time to apply science.

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The 4MinutesToTheJob resume and career support system has served more than 12,000 individuals since its start in 1977 through private consultations and public courses.

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