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Transferable Skills, Resume Kit Part 2

Selling Yourself using the Transferable Skills Kit - Our Secret Weapon!

How do I sell my Transferable Skills?

This is the powerful secret weapon of the 4MinutesToTheJob system – a two hundred-fifty page multiple-choice kit. Transferable skills are those skills that you may have learned in previous jobs that may be unrelated to the job your are seeking.  Transferable skills are often learned in non-work activities.  They will help you break into the new career you want, or get the internal promotion you deserve.

Employers Buy Skills

We went right to the heart of the recruiting process. Why do employers want to have a resume? Why do they interview you? The key? Employers want to know your skills. Employers don’t hire you for the places you worked. They hire you for the skills that you learned at those places

The better the place, the better the skills. We will sell your skills to the employer into the career you so richly deserve!

Most candidates only sell 5 to 6 skills.  You have 15 to 30!

Quantifying a Transferable Skill

Explain my skills

Here is an example of quantifying one of the sixty skills listed in the Transferable Skills Kit.  Many candidates want to get across the idea that they can get along with people.  They want to show that they have some skill in responding to clients - Client  Relations. The way to get this message across as is to quantify the skill.

"Served 207,000_people over a 15 year period."

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Transferable Skills Kit
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Transferable Skills
Resume Kit
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