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Up to 95% of Available Jobs Are Never Advertised

Yes most jobs are hidden. Find out who is responsible for hiring in a company or organization, how to get in to see that person, and how to present yourself effectively. The Job Search kit will train you how to search for a job in the hidden job market. You will learn to network.

4 Minutes to the Job you Want (Did you know?)

At the interview, you have a maximum of 4 minutes from first visual contact before the employer makes a decision whether or not to hire you. So when you come through that door, the clock starts and 98% of the people have decided "Yes" or "No" by the fourth minute. Is this an instinctive decision? You bet! And they will not change their minds. So why are we there for 20 minutes? What is happening? They are simply reinforcing their first impression no matter what you say or do.






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What else?

The Job Search Kit helps you to target companies, shows you how to approach decision makers and management, and how to get in to see them. It also tells you what to wear, what to say and how to follow up. The kit covers all the details of how to look for a job thoroughly and effectively. So Job Search becomes a strategy of careful timing and action - not selling.

Key Benefits

  1. Know what to wear at the interview

  2. Know what to say on the phone

  3. Know how to ask for the job...

Where does the CV-Resume come in?

You MUST get your information (CV-Resume) to the employer BEFORE the interview. The Job Search Kit shows you how to do this and how to get it read prior to your meeting.







The slowest person will take 4 minutes to decide "Yes" or "No."

Many employers decide "Yes" or "No" within 15 seconds. And do not change their minds after.

DYK*: Do you know that there is an interview uniform?

Please Start Me Now

DYk*: Do you know that some clothes you wear get up and shout "Liar." about you?

Job Search Weapons Kit