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The Interview Presentation puts you in the driver’s seat. You will learn to control the interview.

Tests show that managers decide to hire or not within the first 4 minutes of the interview.

The Interview Presentation is a short dynamic 3-½ minute presentation that is delivered at the beginning of the interview. The kit explains in a simple and fun way, how to do this. You can also build the presentation with us in person or online work with a coach.

Presenting your skills

The presentation includes bringing to the employer’s attention 4 of your major skills and how your skills fit into the employer's organization. It finishes with why the organization should hire you.



Control the Interview

This presentation will allow you to control the rest of the interview, because it sets the base for the questions to be asked by the employer. An interview is a stressful situation and this technique has eliminated many of the concerns that 4MinutesTo-TheJob clients faced before using this tool.


This kit functions best after you have completed your CV-Resume using the  Resume Kit Part 1, and the Resume Kit Part 2 Transferable Skills Kit. these preparations enable you to better identify the examples that you will use in the presentation






Interview Presentation







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Interview Presentation Kit
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4 minutes is all it takes to decide whether to hire you. If you're not prepared, you're dead. If you are, it's a breeze.

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