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"How do I prepare for an Interview? I'm nervous about my Interview. I want to sell myself."

Answer any question in an Interview

The 4MinutesToTheJob Interview Simulation Kit is a dynamic question and answer session that provides the structure to answer any question at an interview.

Market Tested Responses (DID YOU KNOW?)

The average employer only asks 3 to 5 questions at an interview. 4MinutesToTheJob has built a market tested, highly professional, point-by-point way to answer those questions effectively, and get the job. They can be used at every interview. We called them SPAR-Bís. Situation Problem Action Result Benefit

The Interview Simulation Kit shows the pattern; how to build the answers, how to write them down, memorize and practice eight to twelve of the likely questions that you will be asked from your own resume.

We can help you build your answers

4Minutes also offers editing services that brings to bear the thousands of hours that we have build those customized answers for our clients






Answering Questions at an Interview




Answering Interview
Questions SPAR-B
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You can also use this effective format every day in many other business situations:

  1. Defending a budget

  2. Making a presentation

  3. Going through a re-evaluation interview with an existing job

  4. Reasoning with fellow employees

  5. Preparing for media interviews

Key Benefits

  1. Confirm the expectations that the employer has of an ideal candidate and get the offer

  2. Show control and knowledge of your life

  3. Stand out from the crowd

  4. "Rock their heads back" with your answers and walk your way into new wealth


Interview Presentation Kit
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