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9+ Incredible Products for You

Sixteen Products and Services

Here is a brief overview of 15 products and services we offer you to make a significant change in getting what you want in your career. Your step will carry an inspirational impact on your friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family. Many people want to make a change but are daunted by the mountains that they see will have to be scaled. One step from you can be the leadership that they so need. This will be good for you and for all around you.

1.  Best Seller - "4 Minutes to the Job You Want"

Geoffrey Lalonde's classic is about organizing yourself to go after the fantasy jobs you always wanted is truly an inspiration. These are tools for people who aim high or who just want a piece of what they are entitled to.  His original inspirational message that became a best-seller is backed up by the whole range of products that developed over the past 24 years. The bestseller is laid out so that you can add your own notes. This man is the general of your campaign.

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2. Resume CV-Biography Data Kit

Lay out your inventory of experiences and skills to be used as weapons in your job or career move. Discover things you never thought were saleable - because they were difficult to explain. See yourself in a new light. Startle yourself by what you will remember of your experiences that employers will value and reward you with a position and wealth. This kit offers optional support from 3 linked kit modules: Transferable Skills, Reports-Writing Skills and the Memory Jogger Kit.

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3.  Transferable Skills Kit

Lay out for all to see the dazzling array of skills you possess - that you didn't know you had. Quantify them for proof. Explain how you use them with clear and concise descriptions so that the employers who need you find you, reward you and give you the career and money that you deserve.

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4. Reports-Writing Skills Kit

A modern 21st century set of skills that responds to an employer's hidden need for assistance, discipline, analysis. and documentation. Use this set of skills you never knew you could sell to talk about how you think and manage yourself. Respond to the employer's desire to know "Who is this person?" and be rewarded with challenges and financial compensation you deserve.

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5. Memory Jogger Kit

Gives you hundreds of job and task descriptions to choose from You can select just the right expression to describe people, places, achievements, quantities to showcase your life. Discover jobs and feats that you have long forgotten that will now be your weapons on the road to success. The more items you remember and develop the higher likelihood to make contacts the greater opportunities to make contacts with the new employers.

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6.  Job Search Kit

Trains you in the hundreds of tiny and major items that will win you offers. Crucial items such as dress, phone and written follow-up, internet applications, breaking down doors,.. are covered.  Besides having a thorough coverage there is a 20 page index to ensure that you get your backup when you need it most.

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7.  Interview Presentation Kit

Guides you to produce a sizzling 3-1/2 minute presentation to control the first 4 decision-making minutes of the interview.

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8.  Answering Questions at the Interview Kit

The average interview has three to five substantive questions. You cannot afford to miss. Create 8 answers to the average 4 questions you will be asked. Learn how to memorize them and become a spectacular performer - answering questions thoughtfully, precisely, and showing your interest in the employer and the welfare of his/her company.  Generate unheard of offers, with the sheer power of your answers.

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9.  Salary Negotiation Kit

99% of candidates do not negotiate salary. Most employees leave a company rather than go through the embarrassment of trying to get significantly greater compensation. When you look back on it, if a 30 minute conversation can earn you $10,000 per year more - that's very good pay for your efforts!  Learn to use 28 words to show yourself and the employer the respect you have for yourself and himself and never get pushed against the wall in a negotiation. Get those major extra dollars that you deserve.

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10.    Success Tracker Kit

In the final days of your switch to your new job, you may have as many as 30 tasks to execute. These need to be sandwiched between your current job and your after hours minutes. Success Tracker will warn you of the search-related tasks before they occur, prompt you to prepare for them, and allow you to track all of them. Only then will you be able to plan your strategy to occupy the position you richly deserve. You are probably not a professional job hunter - none of us are - hopefully!  So we will coax you smoothly through each step day by day to your goal of new career happiness and prosperity.

11.  CV-Biography Resume System

Save by purchasing a full Resume-Biography package - a combination of 4 kits plus the bestseller. Create spectacular, head-turning, never-to-be-forgotten thumbnails of yourself. Designed to have you hired sight-unseen. Designed to make it easier for you at the interview! Use these weapons as powerful briefing tools in the hidden informal job search market!

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12.  Full Search System Package System

Money-saving full set of all the kits listed above and on-line backup for your job or career change.

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13.  Ask the Expert.

E-mail your question for an answer in 24 hours.

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14.  Chat Forums

Moderated, time specific chat forums

coming Winter 2000

15.  Message Board.

Post your questions and seek advice from peers and share your wins..coming October 2000

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16.  4MinutesToTheJob Strategies Newsletter

Receive this letter with important information and developments. next issue November 2000

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